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22nd August
written by amber


I would not five finger shoes. I know what it takes to make them, and I don’t want to cheat the man or woman who made them.

Yes, I know that the labourer who sewed the leather into such pleasing shapes receives very little for his or her hard work. I know I would be taking far more from the pockets of the exploiter who owns the factory and smokes his fat cigars while the poor people toil with burning hands from the bright carcinogenic dyes and their backs bent endlessly over their machines. Taking from the importer who seeks the world for the country willing to treat its people the worst in all the globe. Taking from the shop keeper who sits in her office at the back of the store and counts her money while the clerks work for commission and lie and lie to make their pittance. “Oh, yes, madam, those look wonderful on your feet. They do make you look taller. Really, they are slimming to your ankles.”

I would not five finger shoes.

My mother worked in a shoe factory. She earned the money for me to come to this country, where I must five finger many things to survive, to send money home to her.

But I would not five finger shoes.

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This story owes its inspiration to a very strange line in a piece of spam sent to me.