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3rd August
written by amber


Got my mojo working. It’s been giving me no end of trouble lately. I say, “Give me some gumbo,” and – poof – a bowl of red beans and rice appears on the table in front of me. I say, “Blue suede shoes, please,” (no need not to be polite) and the joker puts Dorothy’s red slippers on my feet and hurls me into a tornado. I had to brush my own hair after that. No telling what it would have done to my ‘do.

So I took it back to Madame Ursula’s and she performed some mumbo-jumbo, incense, dried frog’s feet, feathers from a red rooster and all, you know the drill. Told me to give it a try, see if the fix was in or not. I asked for a bourbon, a scotch and a beer. Oh, they came all right, but all mixed together in one glass. Very funny.

Madame Ursula said I needed more help than she could give me. I had to go to Marie Lavoie’s grave at midnight; the cemetery guard took his touch, I left the venerable lady with her favourite tipple and then sat and waited.

I fell asleep and dreamed about a solid gold Cadillac. When I woke, I had my blue suede shoes and a steaming bowl of gumbo, complete with spoon. The streetcar pulled up the minute I stepped out on the street, even though that wasn’t its regular route.

When I got home, I felt I was ready for the big test. I wished for you.

But it just don’t work on you.

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