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12th August
written by amber

Mustang Sally

She’s never ridden a horse. She’s never driven a car. They call her Mustang Sally because she likes to sing the song, and the guys taught her the song because she likes to sing, and she kind of looks like that guy in that movie about those Irish guys who sang R&B. The Communists. Something like that.

Anyway, if you’ve seen the movie, you know that guy is no Tom Cruise, in fact, he’s kinda ugly. And so is Sally, but you should see her smile and preen when she sings that song. She does have a good voice, but that’s not why the guys egg her on to sing the song over and over again.

Mustang Sally, hey you’d better slow that Mustang down.

They’re laughing at her, but she doesn’t know it. And it isn’t just the guys who clean the toilets and wash the floors, it’s even Rob, who is a nurse and the rest of us nurses think he ought to know better. Because making fun of Sally is like making fun of that girl in high school whose mother didn’t know enough to teach her about hygiene, you know the one I mean, the girl who isn’t pretty enough and smart enough and rich enough to avoid that kind of embarrassment.

And we’ve all flirted too close to that edge, we all identify with it.

Well, maybe not Eloise, the physiotherapist, who snickers along with the guys. Gorgeous and young and certainly going somewhere, she feels no personal bond with Mustang Sally.

All you want to do is ride around, Sally.

Sally’s slow in body and mind, but she’s always happy and she sings like she was born for it. Yes, I’m paid to help her but I’m proud to call her my friend.

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