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20th August
written by amber


It’s 6 a.m. and I didn’t get here until 2 a.m. last night – or technically, this morning. Surprised to find that the party had ended so early, all the others snoring in their tents, but what the hell, none of us is 14 any more, or 24. Or even 34, in my case.

But, yeah, I went to bed, get some rest the better to party all day today and Sunday. My brother told me this group of guys had a whole new way to party; he promised me a weekend I’d never forget.

Bush parties. Haven’t been to one for a while, not since that time I looked around, realized there wasn’t anyone there less than ten years younger than me, realized the chick I was making out with might just be jailbait.

These days I mostly party in bars, and not the cool bars where the kids hang out, but the trucker bars and biker bars where I know if I get wasted I won’t be picking a fight with some college kid whose daddy will sue the pants off of me if I black his eye and where my sexual indiscretions might hurt me medically but won’t land me in a cell.

And now I’m being woken up by a friggen’ morning song, a fresh-faced young man toting a guitar and my mother and sister and ex-wife and – hell – my boss are all smiling in the background.

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