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6th August
written by amber

Dog on a Pilgrimage

There had been a time and there had been a place. He remembered how it smelled. There had been a man and from the man’s hand came all good things – caresses, food, the ball to chase. He remembered how it felt, how it tasted, how glad it made his feet to chase that ball.

He had had a name.

But no one said his name now, no one caressed, no one gave food. He found a ball and he fetched it, but received only a kick for his efforts. Nothing smelled right here. No man here was the right man.

There had been a soft place to lie and a bowl of fresh clean water. There had been no rope digging into his neck, no shouting, no dragging him from one place to another while one man after another lay down and didn’t walk with them anymore.

There had been wonderful runs in the tall grass after the man made a loud noise with his stick, dead birds to find and bring back to the man, treats from the hand. Now he fetched rabbits and stupid birds that did not fly, but they weren’t dead when he found them, he had to bite them until they stopped moving. There were no treats when he brought them back. The men ate them without cooking them, and gave him only the bones.

This bird, he was going to keep, eat it himself and run run run.

His man had been there when this man put the rope on him. His man had cried as he said, “King, you go with him.” He remembered that, but he also remembered how it smelled, and the soft bed, and the treats. The caresses from the man’s hand. He would find his way back.

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Thanks to my friend, Darlene Dyck, for inadvertantly suggesting this first line.