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18th August
written by amber

Jonah Hung Up

I don’t think I can hang here much longer. I’ve tied myself to a large tree root; it’s not going anywhere, and my rope isn’t going to fail. Theoretically, I could hang here forever. I’ve been asleep more times than I can count, and I haven’t fallen. I tie good knots.

But my fingers are bloody from trying to force open the metal lid to this well, and my circulation is cut off from the rope, and I’m thirsty as hell. I’m starting to think about what kind of corpse I’ll make, and I think I’d rather be found lying composedly at the bottom of the well than being a horrible bat-like hanging collection of bones and rags.

Yeah, real positive thinking, Jonah. Way to give up and let the other guy win.

Steven. I’ve remembered the name of that guy sniffing after Jessie. The guy I beat up. Must have made him mad, being beat up by a cripple in a wheelchair. Would have made me mad when my legs worked.

Thing is, I don’ t know if I can climb down again. Down is hard.

I wasn’t hurt too bad when Steven threw me into the well. It’s not that deep. But I don’t want to fall. And I don’t want to hang here any more.

I want out!

Shit. I’m crying again. Bad plan, it just dehydrates me.

And I’m hearing those noises again. Voices calling my name. Yeah, right, if anyone came around here, this well wouldn’t have had so many damn cobwebs in it, right? Just my stupid imagination, Jessie calling my name.

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