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2nd August
written by amber

Crying Girl

Ama was dragged from an already broken sleep by the sound of someone softly crying. She tried to roll over and tunnel back into the dream she’d been enjoying, a dream of lying on a warm sunny beach, with surf sounds and bird cries the only intrusion to the perfect peace. But the dream, which had recurred all night in short bursts between unpleasant spells of insomnia, ebbed away and she was forced to open her eyes.

The crying girl hovered at the ceiling, staring down at Ama, reaching toward her beseechingly. Her tears dripped down but Ama didn’t feel them fall on her. In fact, the tears weren’t falling toward her, they were falling away from her.

Ama was the girl on the ceiling, mourning a bloodied and broken figure on the gurney below her, an unmoving statue in the midst of a chaos of purposeful activity – doctors, nurses, beeping electronic devices.

Ama was the figure on the gurney.

On the gurney, she felt the dream of the beach seductively near. At the ceiling, she felt it recede in the face of her impotent desire to help her injured self below.

Ama ignored the crying girl. She held tight to her self on the gurney, enduring the pain and the approaching blackness. She willed herself toward the dream.

She opened her eyes to brilliant sunshine.

“Hello, darling,” Benjamin said, rolling toward her on their shared towel. “You were moaning. Were you having a nightmare?”

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Thanks to Sheryl Normandeau for suggesting this first line.