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19th August
written by amber

Little Red Rooster

He knows that’s what they call him. He knows why they call him that.

He’s short, he’s bossy and he’s native. So what?

He runs the best soup kitchen on Hastings, has done for nearly 25 years, so names like Little Red Rooster, or Little Napoleon, or Little Chief, they don’t bother him. Much.

Okay, maybe the little wears thin at times. 5’3″ isn’t all that short, and he can pitch men twice his weight out the front door if needs be. But he did expect to be a taller man. His mother promised that he’d have a growth spurt in high school, just like his brothers did. But it never came.

And he knows she’s proud of him, she says he’s a far better man than either of them, Bruce earning all that money in the oil patch and never visiting, never paying what he should to his ex-wife and kids, George in jail again, swearing again to turn his life around.

But she does call him, “My little son.”

And he’s never once had a woman take him seriously. Lately he’s been back on the dating websites, lying again. Martha in the kitchen teases him about it. Fine for her, she’s 5’10” married to a man two inches taller than she is.

“What’ll you do when you get one to go out on a date with you?” she asks. “Tell her you got shrunk in the wash?”

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