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13th August
written by amber

The Wedding

Mama married Papa. It was a wild old time. They made gin in the bathtub and shared it with all their friends. Grampa stewed up a big pot of gumbo. Uncle Buddy and Nina sang and played; everyone sang and danced along. The party spilled into the street. The cops came, but Father Petit-Jean convinced them to join in the celebration – after 39 years of loving, Mama and Papa were getting married. When they met, they were too poor to buy a ring. When they met, Mama’s father wouldn’t give his permission. When they met, Papa was too wild for words. The children came, one two three. Little Robbie, Little Wally and Little Amy. Papa served time in the army. He was sent overseas. Mama had to move home with her parents, he got no pay for her, they weren’t married. He came home again. He was quiet for 12 years. No one said a word about marriage. More children came, four, five, six. Gary Lee, Roberta and Little Bonnie.

But now they were getting married. When Father Petit-Jean pronounced them, there was so much loving, the trees burst into flames. The fire department came. After they doused the flames, they ran their sirens just for the hell of it. People came from miles around, bringing food, bringing booze, bringing flowers. They knocked down houses to make more room for the party, they lit a bonfire from the trees that had burned. They sent out to all the nearby cities for more marshmallows, more hot dogs. The party lasted three months. Nine months after the party, every woman in town gave birth to triplets. All of the triplets are grandparents by now, but they’re still talking about that party.

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I wanted to write a story about a wedding today, because we hosted a wedding at our Ranch. But so far, the party isn’t as wild as the one described in this story.