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29th May
written by amber

Dog Diary of an Old Man

Mar. 29 Walked the dog.

Mar. 30 Walked the dog.

Mar. 31 Walked the dog. Got all the way to the river.

Apr. 1 Walked the dog. Old Mrs. Watson caught me in the condo’s foyer, asked if I liked the casseroles she sent after the funeral. Asked what I was doing. Dog leash and dog and warm jacket didn’t seem to have given her a clue, but I know for a fact she has 4 cats, no dog.

Apr. 2 Walked the dog. Mrs. Watson asked if she could walk with me today. Told her I’m training for a marathon, so I have to go fast. She’s too tubby to go fast. Then I had to go fast until I got around the corner, in case she was watching. Then I leaned against a fence and wheezed for 5 minutes. Didn’t get as far as the river today.

Apr. 3 Walked the dog. Mrs. Watson in the foyer again, hovering. Pretended to have a coughing fit. She said I’d better get over the cough before the marathon.

Apr. 4 Walked the dog. Marie Stratton waiting in the foyer. She said Mrs. Watson told her I needed a walking partner for my training. She sure walks fast. But she likes to stop for coffee half way through, knew a cafe with outside tables and a water dish for dogs.

Apr. 5  Walked the dog. Marie is thinking about getting a dog herself, asked me for advice. Over to her place in the evening to check out kennels on the internet. She’s going to help me get set up on the internet so I can stay in touch with the kids more easily.

Apr. 6 Walked the dog.

Apr. 7 Walked the dog.

Apr. 8 Walked the dogs. They’re getting along well.

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