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3rd May
written by amber

From a Dream

I woke from a very complex dream.  I was so involved in that dream, I hated to let it go, yet my memories of it were confused and contradictory.  I know I’d been on some kind of quest, moving along a road with a group of people.  Waves crashed on a shore to one side of us, trees swayed in the breeze on the other side.  We were so focused on our mission, we didn’t pay much attention to the scenery.  Sometimes I carried a small child, other times I carried a cat or fretted over it when it ran free.

There were occasions that I stopped at a house, I suppose it was my house, although it seemed to change a great deal each time I visited it.  There was so much to do at that house!  Water leaked from the walls, the rooms needed renovating.  But I had time to only wander around thinking about what I might do, then I’d be back on the road, trying to accomplish my unending task.

When I woke, the dream faded rapidly.  I tried to adjust to my waking world.  It was, after all, the real world no matter how strange and new it felt to me.  Still, my preference was to cling to the dream, especially to my unfinished quest.  But someone spoke to me, and that caused the dream to break apart like so many disintegrating snowflakes.  He said, “Welcome to heaven.”

This story was inspired by a line in the film, Departures, in which death is referred to as waking from one dream to another.

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