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23rd May
written by amber

The List

Do we have bacon? Do we have wine? Your grocery lists are never complete. I don’t like having to go back to the store again and again all week. Some things are essential; we should never be without them. Try to consider what we’ll need.  Butter – didn’t you plan to make that shortbread? You ought to think ahead, not rely on me to pick up the slack for your lack of foresight.

Do we have enough toilet paper? Check the drawer and call me back. Also I noticed the aspirin bottle was getting low – have you had any of your headaches lately? You know I hate it when you put the empty bottle back into the cabinet.

Do we need milk? Even if we don’t, add it to the list. Your brother dropped by the other evening when you were at the pool. I left him alone in the kitchen for just a moment but you know how he sometimes drinks right from the carton.

What? Well, if he does it at his house, he’d probably do it at our house too.

Do we have a new crossword puzzle book? I’m almost finished the one I’ve been doing before bed. Write it down, write it down. I’ll want the list the moment I come up the driveway from the bus stop. I won’t even come in, I’ll just take the car and head for the grocery store.

Do we have enough gas?

The Story 365 project is a year-long marathon of short story writing, with a new story posted every day on this website from May 1, 2011 – April 30, 2012.  Stories must be a minimum of 200 words.  Please help me by adding first line suggestions in the Comment section.

Thanks to my mother, Mary Bond, for suggesting this first line which she overheard on the street from a person talking on their cell phone.