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9th May
written by amber

Unsensible Shoes

When he tickled my toes, I just kicked out.  Officer, I couldn’t help myself.  The guy was weird, he was a pervert.  Oh, I didn’t realize it at first, he seemed nice enough when I walked into the store.  I was looking for Craig, my usual clerk, who knows my tastes so well he texts me when good shoes come in.  I was wondering why Craig hadn’t told me about the leopard-pattern spikes with the red bows.

A new guy was there, someone I’d never seen before, he said Craig wasn’t around, and he clammed up when I tried to weasel more details out of him. That wasn’t cool, Craig is always great for gossiping but this guy, this Allan, wouldn’t play.  And he said, without even looking, that he didn’t have the leopard shoes in my size.

“How do you know my size?” I challenged.

“A small seven, right?” If he gloated at this, I guess he deserved it.  He was right on.

“Show me some shoes in my size, cute shoes.” I was willing to give him a chance.  He obviously knew feet, and he wasn’t bad looking.  Thin as a whippet, slightly baby-faced, light blue eyes a bit opaque, like those odd-looking Husky dogs.  His hair was dark and short, combed up into a peak. My boyfriend calls this PeeWee Herman hair and he doesn’t like it.  Well, my boyfriend is old enough to remember PeeWee Herman before he was outed as a pervert.

Allan brought me some black patent shoes with clunky heels and Minnie Mouse toes.  “Is this a joke?” I asked.

“These are tango shoes,” he said.  “With legs like yours, I thought you were a dancer.”

“My boyfriend doesn’t like to dance.  And I like shoes-”

“Shoes that will kill you,” he finished.  “A girl like you ruining her posture with five inch spikes and wasting her time with an old has-been like that.  I’ve seen you with him.  What a waste. You could be perfect.”

This ticked me off, but at least it was conversation, so I laughed and told him to just find me the highest spikes he had in the store.  I felt the way I feel after a fight with my boyfriend, determined to buy a lot of shoes, just to make him mad.  Buying shoes probably wouldn’t really make the clerk mad, but it might if they were the wrong sort of shoes.

He must have been mad, he got really quiet.  But he brought out a stack of boxes and I kept every shoe that fit me, even if I already had that model, even if it was a shoe I didn’t like too much.

He opened the last box.  A big tiger striped box, but the boots inside weren’t patterned.  They were a rich brown suede with metal buttons up the front and dangling chains at the top, just below the knee.  The heels looked to be over five inches, and the toes were open.  They were fabulous.

And when he put the right boot on it was a little small.

“Let’s try the next size up,” he said, and put a bigger boot on my left foot.  That felt better so I asked him to put the mate on my right foot.

When he pulled the small boot off my right foot, I heard him mutter, “Not so perfect after all,” but I was distracted by the sight of my boyfriend coming down the mall.  He’d been expecting me to meet him in the food court 20 minutes ago.  Now he’d find me buying all these shoes and he’d have no idea what made me mad this time.  While I was trying to think up an excuse, I  looked down and saw Allan poking a finger into a hole in my panty hose between my big toe and the next toe.

He gave me a devilish look and then he tickled my toe!  It wasn’t because I was mad, it was because I’m ticklish.  I kicked out with my left foot, caught him in the neck with those spikes.   He was right, shoes like that can kill you.

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