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15th May
written by amber

The Trunk Contains

1. A white lace wedding dress with a rusty red stain on the hem.

2. A marriage certificate for Norma and Alvin Rich, September 1, 1945.

3. A bank book in Alvin Rich’s name, September 5 – December 10, 1945, never more than $50 in it at any one time, occasionally overdrawn.

4. Two wine glasses wrapped in a white linen napkin, etched ‘Bride’ and ‘Groom.’  Bride glass has a crack.

5. Divorce papers for Norma and Alvin Rich, dated January 15, 1946.

6. A pair of tiny white silk shoes, one stained with rusty red.

7. A bill from the Haith medical clinic for a hysterectomy dated October 22, 1945.

8. A letter from the same medical clinic, dated November 30, 1945, threatening to refer the matter to a collection agency.

9. A photograph of a young couple, dancing and smiling.

10. A photograph of the same couple, she is wearing the white lace wedding dress (no stain) – she looks unhappy and unhealthy, he looks grim.

11. A postcard of the Palliser Hotel in Calgary, with no message, address or postage.

12. A copy of the dinner menu from the Oak Room at the Palliser Hotel, with the entry for prime rib roast circled.

13. A book of baby names.

14. A withered red rose with a white ribbon.

15. At the bottom of the trunk, a tiny pink and blue knitted blanket.

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This story was generated in our writing class at the Black Cat Guest Ranch today.  Our challenge was to write a short story based on a list.