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21st May
written by amber

The Gray Ones

I saw them.  All I had to do was look around the corner, and I saw them.  Not a literal corner – it’s more like one of those magic eye pictures. You look in a certain way, distort your perception, and you suddenly see something that was in front of you all along.

I saw them because I’m off my meds. And this was deliberate on my part. I used to see the other place all the time, a place as green as tender spring and filled with the songs of – not birds – something like birds. I could never exist in that place, not be there, but I could see it and know that my steps in my mundane world left footprints in that lovely place.

But you aren’t allowed even a glimpse of such beauty. I wanted nothing more than to gaze on it constantly so they gave me meds to prevent me seeing the green place, and it worked. I nearly forgot about it. I lived in my apartment surrounded by gray concrete; I trudged to work each day.

Recently, however, I’ve noticed the gray becoming grayer, some unhealthy smudge seeping in from somewhere. I began to worry that it came from the green place which was now more like a half-remembered dream than a reality to me. I stopped taking the pills and in just two days my ability to see around the corner returned.

But the green place was gone, replaced by a devastated wasteland of dullness, no sound besides a mechanical grinding.  Then I saw the gray ones. Indescribable.  The not birds had made sweet chirps and moved quickly as if flying. They were not of my world, but they weren’t strange, they were of the green place. The gray ones are not of the green place nor of any place that can be sensibly understood by a human. They are alien.

I know how this sounds. I go off my meds, I see aliens, see their destruction seeping into our world. Yet I must raise an alarm. I perceived their craft, I found where the imprint of its landing pad can be seen on the soil of our world.

The mayor speaks at a rally tomorrow. I will force him to listen.

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