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7th May
written by amber

Just Relax

Now we reach the part of the yoga session that everyone looks forward to … corpse pose.  So just lie back and totally relax.  If you’re more comfortable with your knees bent, that’s fine, otherwise keep your legs flat and limp, the feet falling slightly outward.

You can put your head on a folded blanket, if that’s more comfortable.  Place another blanket on top of you – after the work-out we’ve just had, you might start to feel a little cool.  Let your arms fall limp to your sides, or keep them crossed across your heart if you like that better.


Don’t think about anything.  If thoughts intrude, let them fly away.  Notice that they are thoughts, things that might distract you, or stress you, then breathe them out, far away.  They can’t touch you.

Focus on your breathing and the immediate sensations of your body.  Let your feet relax, don’t think about walking or rushing around, let your feet be soft and comfortable.  Banish any tension or pain from your calves, knees and thighs.  Allow your hips to settle heavily to the floor.  Relax your lower back.

Feel your belly and your middle back let go of any stress, anything that is churning up your digestion, or pain that radiates up to your upper back and between your shoulders.  Thoughts that cause such tenseness should be blocked.  If anyone in your life is giving you grief, don’t allow their actions to be reflected in your body.

Breathe your shoulders up and then drop them down, sending any tightness along your arms and out through your fingers.  If your fingers are unable to relax, if they feel like turning into claws, or if some particular change is bothering you, let it go.  Imagine you are on a beach, enjoying yourself, meeting new people, imagine you are happy.

With every breath, visualize your heart healing from a black hardened piece of charcoal into a lovely vital pink flower, ready to bloom, a flower that can heal itself from any pain.  In.  Out.  The good air of hope will banish the black cloud of betrayal.



If your brain won’t let go of bitter memories and thoughts of revenge, use a mantra to drown out the bad obsessions.  I use the words, “Are ee ess pee ee see tee.”  Say them over and over until they lose all meaning, until they become a blur.   In no time flat, you’ll be feeling much better.

It works for me.

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