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27th May
written by amber


I can’t believe my eyes….a flotilla of thirty-eight…yes THIRTY-EIGHT…white pelicans are passing before me on my lake. And each and every one of them is scooping up my fish as fast as they can. Damn!

I check my console and discover I left the default for ‘enable birds’ on. Oh well, there’s nothing I can do about it now. Dialing down the temperature a bit – seeing those annoying birds heated me up – I enjoy my cup of coffee on the dock while I revise my plan for the day. Fishing is still on, of course, but I won’t pack a lunch, I’ll spend some time at my desk researching a humane way to eliminate the pelicans.

Keeping an environment in balance is trickier than you’d imagine. The giant trout taught me that. If I bring in super raptors to hunt the pelicans, what will they eat when the pelicans are gone? My fish? When my neighbour engineered a virus to combat mold on his pineapples, the damn thing turned on him, would have killed him if I hadn’t gone over to complain about the peacocks’ continuous screeching.

But, my god, this is fun. Possibly more fun than fishing. It reminds me of the computer games I played when I was a boy, so very many years ago. In fact, I keep expecting to hear my mother pounding on my door, demanding, “Robert, get outside into the real world and turn that fake world off.”

No chance of that now.

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Today’s first line was suggested by Arlene Dahl.  Thanks, Arlene.