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30th March
posted by amber

My Sister

My sister is so beautiful. Her eyes, her hair, her body, but especially her smile. When she greets someone, she approaches them, smiling broadly, then she closes her lips and smiles like someone savouring a delicious taste, chocolate perhaps, then her lips part again and the full glory of her smile shines forth. When she smiles like that, she’s irresistible.

I don’t think my husband is able to resist her.

What a horrible thing for me to think. I should trust them both more than that. He’s been a good and faithful husband to me for more than 7 years. But he has just met Brianna and I’m afraid he’ll be like all the rest.

She never meant to steal all my boyfriends. They usually told her that we’d broken up. I knew boys dated me just to get to her, but she never figured that out. She’s too nice to be suspicious that way.

“Don’t begrudge Brianna a few dates,” my mother would say. “You have no shortage of boyfriends.”

I had the reputation of being the wild one, the bad one, but of the very few boys who dated me for myself alone, not a one of them stayed faithful to me after meeting Brianna.

So I moved far away, to South Africa, and used the political unrest there as an excuse to have a small wedding, no family invited from abroad.

But now Brianna is visiting and I see it happening all over again. Not only that – she’s also charming my children.

“Auntie Brie is the best ever,” my daughter told me at bedtime last night.

So far I’ve been able to manage to keep my husband and Brianna from being alone together but he’s been talking about taking her on a road trip to Jo’burg and I can’t come due to the children’s dental appointments.

So, tomorrow is going to be ‘girl’s day out,’ just the two of us, up the tramway to the top of Table Mountain.

Lots of people fall off there.

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  1. Perry

    Two ghosts and a murderer! A grim week of writing.

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