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20th March
written by amber

The Tale of the Grandson

In the dark hour before the dawn, a raggedy man he came to town. He came to town and went to the house of an elderly widow. The light of her candle flickered in the window as she sat in her kitchen and waited for the day to begin.

The raggedy man he knocked on the door and when the old woman answered, he said unto her, “I have come with news of your grandson.”

And she cried, “My grandson, James, who went to the city and has never been heard from since?”

He said, “The very one. May I come in?”

And it came to pass, the following week, that the butcher came to see the widow to receive payment for the meat she had bought, and the baker came also, and the blacksmith who cared for her horses, and the dressmaker and the candlemaker.

“I have no coins for you,” she told them. “I have spent all my money to pay a doctor for the care of my grandson, James, who fell ill in the city.”

With heavy hearts, the merchants went away without their money, but within an hour they returned and requested of the widow that she join them in the village square where she discovered that many of the town’s older citizens had also gathered.

Each one had been approached by the raggedy man who told them various tales of missing relatives in far away places and each had given a great deal of money for the aid of their grandson, nephew, cousin or the like.

And they resolved among themselves to never be duped this way again, and furthermore, they sent a crier from town to town communicating the method of this deception so that henceforth such evilness should not be perpetuated.

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