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27th March
written by amber

Can This Marriage Be Saved?

My wife and I have nothing in common. She is cautious and I throw caution to the wind. She keeps our home organized and tidy; I breeze in, drop my things all over the floor, sweep her into an impromptu polka, eat the meal she’s prepared with great appreciation, then rush off without helping with the dishes because I have people to see, things to do.

She knew what I was like when she married me. She used to find me charming.

Life’s too short. What does it really matter, when you finally need to wash all your clothes, whether you pick them up all over the bedroom, or grab them out of a hamper? And it uses less water to wash dishes when you have a really big load. You wipe the table, you make it dirty, it needs to be wiped again. You could spend your whole day doing that.

Naturally she does not agree with me on this.

I am a musician. I was a musician when we met. We both knew that my chances of ‘making it’ were slim. Perhaps she was more ambitious for me than I was for myself. She talked me out of the way I was living, crashing at one friend’s house or apartment after another, staying until I wore out my welcome.

“You’ll never be able to set up a professional practice schedule until you have your own place, and you’ll never get ahead unless you practice a lot. That’s the only thing that’ll take your natural talent to the next stage.”

I found her charming then, too. I was touched by her faith in me. But after we moved in together, and she showed me the room where I was expected to slave for five or six hours every day, I had an inkling. I mean, I like playing music because it’s fun. Five or six hours a day is not fun.

But I tried. And, to give her plan credit, it paid off with better gigs. And when she said we should get married because it made financial sense, I knew it was her round-about way of saying she loved me. I didn’t know she was casting herself in the role of wife/manager.

Now she wants us to go for counselling. But my friends have been giving me advice, and I kind of think they’re right. It’ll never work out, no matter what we do. We married across species boundaries and that’s why we can’t get along. She can’t help being an ant and I can’t help being a grasshopper.

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