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21st March
written by amber

Recall Notice

My heart’s been recalled. I’ve had this Gambo Cardio-Fit Bio-Mech heart for 72 years and now the government is recalling it. Hell, the Gambo Corporation doesn’t even exist any longer, nor does the country where it was located,.

This is a serious matter, not like when my leg was recalled or even my liver. You can’t live for a minute without a heart. Oh, they say they can hook me up to a machine while they make the necessary tweaks to my heart, but I’ve been thinking that I want a new heart. Bio-Mechs are really old-fashioned, but replacement isn’t on offer here.

However, I happen to know the reason for the recall – several Cardio-Fit Bio-Mech hearts did fail, most of them with catastrophic results. One man, though, was saved in time and under the Continuity of Responsibility laws, the community of Gambo, (now in NeuvoNewfoundland) where the factory was located, became liable for replacing the man’s heart.

He got a Virrtual ‘ReelPerfect’ Heart, the best implanted heart available. Grown on a template with universal stem cells and powered by a Copasetic Cell, it has a chest life of over 100 years. And that’s what I want.

The Gambo has been giving me problems; problems that snuck up on me so slowly I didn’t really notice them. Shortness of breath I blamed on my parents, both of whom smoked in the last years of nicotine. They smoked in the car and in the house, and I breathed it in.

Also recently I’ve been sleeping longer at night, and also napping during the daytime. That I put down to being between jobs and bored. I won’t be leaving for the Clement Orbital Factory Group to start my new career for at least four months, maybe longer now that I need work on my heart.

The other effect of a failing heart was very subtle, and a little embarrassing. I’m also between wives, but I’ve been dating. Dating some very attractive women, but none of them have been attractive enough to, let’s say, stimulate me. MyDoctor tells me, now that I’ve had the sense to ask, that this is a common side effect of a failing heart. If my first heart had failed less precipitously, I might have known this. MyDoctor also told me that taking medication to create stimulation would be disastrous to a failing heart.

Luckily, I was using an anonymous source when I consulted MyDoctor, as my plan is to check into a hotel across from the hospital where the Gambo upgrades are being performed, treat myself to a pleasant night with my latest girlfriend (who happens to be a nurse) and kindly indulge in such medication as required to provide her with a wonderful evening.

I know it’s a gamble, but I hope to wake up with a new Virrtual ‘ReelPerfect’ Heart.

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