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16th March
written by amber

My Little Sister

My little sister follows me into the forest, jabbering away in that strange way she has. If she sees a bird, she imitates its cry, tugging on my arm and pointing at the bird. I wish she would be quiet. Of course I see the bird, or animal, or whatever she thinks she is drawing my attention to. I am very aware of all the wildlife in the forest.

What if we saw some bird or animal that is good to eat, what if I wanted to throw my spear and kill that bird or animal? My sister’s stupid jabbering would scare the thing away. It’s as if she knows that I didn’t bring the spear along today for hunting. It’s as if she knows that I have another purpose for my spear today.

Now she jabbers and pulls at my arm, but the noise she makes is not like any bird or animal sound. It is a noise she frequently makes, and she points at me as she makes it. I have no idea what it means.

Everyone in the village is angry with my little sister. They slap her when she jabbers, but still she does not stop. No man will take her from my mother’s fire. She loves babies; she’s always holding the babies of the other women, jabbering away at them until the mothers grab them back and slap her. She will not have babies of her own.

My mother saw me take my little sister into the forest. She smiled at me. She knows that when I return, I will be alone. My little sister will at last be silent and that is good.

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