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25th March
written by amber

Special Delivery

He got the blue shirt, he got the apron, he got the button that says, “We Deliver.”

Don’t ask how he got them.

The woman in the parking lot was older, maybe late 40’s, but she still had a good body, still took an effort with her hair and make-up. She said, “But I didn’t ask for delivery.”

He said to her, “But ma’am, I can see that all those boxes for your new shelving unit won’t fit into the back of your car. Delivery is free.”

“I can’t afford to tip you,” she snapped. The rusted out car had already told him that. He didn’t care about a tip anyhow.

“Company policy doesn’t allow tipping, ma’am, so you don’t need to worry about that. And this week, we’re having a special. We’ll put that unit together for you. Or would your husband prefer to do it himself.” Just a touch of sarcasm there. If the woman had a husband, which he doubted, the man would not be a ‘do it yourself’ type.

“Got no husband,” she snapped again, but not as ferociously. She was slow to trust, but he was getting around that. “My son’ll come by this weekend and do it for me.”

“No reason to wait that long, ma’am, but it’s up to you.”

“If this is a special feature, why didn’t they tell me about it, inside?”

He put on his best bewildered face. “They didn’t? Some of those young people don’t think about the customer at all, I’m sorry to say.”

This drew a reluctant smile. “I know. What are they, 14?”

He chuckled, conspiratorially. “Seems like it, doesn’t it?” He wasn’t nearly as old as she was, but was happy to put himself on her side. “So,” he pressed, “do you want me to deliver it or not?”

“Okay,” she said, and then added, sounding a bit angry, as if he’d forced her, “and you can assemble the thing too.” As if she was doing him a favour.

He got his note pad out to write her address down. It said, “Home Depot.” He thought it was a nice touch.

She said, “I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

He rolled the dolly over to his truck while she wheeled out of the parking lot. He was smiling.

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Today’s story and yesterdays were both written at a small writing workshop that I held at the Black Cat Guest Ranch yesterday.