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4th March
written by amber

The Devil’s Best Dress (A Silent Movie)

A handsome man in western garb is seen, sitting at a table, counting piles of money.

CARD – Latigo Hereford, the wealthiest rancher in the county.

A shot of a vast herd of cattle, followed by a shot of a large prosperous ranch.

Shots of cowboys riding with the cattle, of large trucks being loaded with cattle, of steaks in the supermarket, steaks on the barbecue.

Shot of Latigo smiling.

Shot of Latigo at a bar with an attractive woman on each arm.

CARD – Latigo Hereford, the most eligible bachelor in the county.

Latigo is sitting in a doctor’s waiting room, his head in his hands, looking ill.

CARD – What is wrong with Latigo?

Latigo is in the doctor’s office. The doctor says something to him.

CARD – Your kidneys are failing!

Latigo looks shocked.

Latigo is in a hospital bed, surrounded by flowers and cards. A rather plain nurse plumps his pillow for him. He takes her hand and says something.

CARD – Thank you for taking such wonderful care of me.

The plain nurse walks down the hallway and another nurse, very pretty, is seen coming toward her.

CARD – The gold digger!

The plain nurse takes the arm of the pretty nurse and whispers in her ear.

CARD – He’s the nicest man. I never would have thought such a rich man could be so nice.

The pretty nurse walks into Latigo’s room, the top two buttons of her smock are now undone, and her cheeks have been rouged. She bats her eyelashes at him.

CARD – You poor man. I’m going to take very good care of you!

The pretty nurse pushes Latigo in a wheelchair away from the hospital. the plain nurse and the doctor wave at them.

CARD – Nothing can be done until a new kidney is found.

Latigo lies on a couch, covered with a blanket. The pretty nurse sits by his side.

CARD – His own private nurse.

Latigo, with a blanket across his lap, sits at a table with the pretty nurse. A bouquet of roses lies beside her plate, and they are drinking champagne.

CARD – Engaged to be married!

Latigo, in his wheelchair, in an office with the pretty nurse and a man in a suit who presents papers for them to sign.

The pretty nurse smiles wickedly.

CARD – The pre-nup is to her satisfaction.

Latigo is again in a hospital bed, looking sicker than ever. A nurse bends over him.

CARD – Back in the hospital, but where is his fiance???

The nurse caring for Latigo is revealed to be the plain nurse.

The pretty nurse is at the till of a dress shop, handing over a wad of money in exchange for several dress boxes.

Latigo is propped up in his hospital bed, wearing a tuxedo jacket. The pretty nurse stands beside him, wearing a white dress. A minister faces them, Bible in hand. The minister says some words, then Latigo and the nurse kiss.

CARD – Man and wife – but how much time is left for poor Latigo?

Shot of a terrible car crash.

Latigo lies in his hospital bed, now connected to many tubes and wires.

CARD – At the last possible minute, a kidney is found!

Latigo is wheeled into the operating room.

The door to a refrigerator is opened, revealing two trays. One is labelled “Good kidney.” The other is labelled “Damaged kidney.” A female hand is seen, switching the labels.

The good kidney is tossed into a garbage can.

Outside the operating room door, the pretty nurse, dressed in her whites, argues with Latigo’s doctor.

CARD – I insist on scrubbing in! My husband needs me by his side!

The operation commences, with the plain nurse watching from outside the room. She turns and we see a tear on her cheek.

The plain nurse sits on a stool beside the refrigerator, weeping. She throws her tissue into the garbage, then looks amazed. She reaches in and gently picks up the kidney.

CARD – She is certain the good kidney was a right-hand kidney. What is it doing in the garbage?

The plain nurse is running down the hospital corridor, carrying the kidney.

CARD – She hopes it’s not too late!

The plain nurse bursts into the operating room.

CARD – Stop! That’s the wrong kidney!

The labels saying “Good kidney” and “Damaged kidney” are under a magnifying glass.

CARD – Her fingerprints prove that the gold digger is behind this nefarious plot!

Latigo, now looking healthy and handsome, stands in front of his ranch, holding hands with the plain nurse. They are both wearing western garb.

The pretty nurse is seen behind bars, talking to a fellow prisoner.

CARD – Oh well, he wasn’t quite a millionaire anyhow.

The Story 365 project is a year-long marathon of short story writing, with a new story for every day of the year and posted on this website from May 1, 2011 – April 30, 2012. Stories must be a minimum of 200 words. Please help me by adding first line or topic suggestions in the Comment section of any story.

This story was written with suggestions for a prop, a line of dialogue and a genre supplied by Ann Sutherland. I’m practicing for the script I’ll be writing for the 48 Hour Movie Making Challenge in Calgary on March 30. Ann gave me: 1. Kidney. 2. “He wasn’t quite a millionaire.” 3. Western. Thanks, Ann!

And thank you to Corb Lund for the title!