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19th June
posted by amber

Convent School

She wasn’t wild before she went to convent school. Sure, she was a tomboy – that’s natural what with growing up on a farm with five brothers. But she was a good girl before she went away. Not a drop of liquor had ever crossed her lips.

Yes, you’ll say it’s that wine they drink at Mass and you’ll wonder why we sent her to convent school. It was for the piano. She had a skill at the piano but there was no one to teach her and we all had the hope she was good enough to be a concert pianist. And the head nun at the convent school reinforced that hope. She practically promised that our daughter would be on stage in New York city before very long.

But things turned out differently. We don’t know how she met that boy she ran off with. Oh, we knew she was interested in boys, and – boy – they sure were interested in her, such a beautiful girl as she was.  With her brothers around her all the time, those boys didn’t stand a chance. We certainly expected that a convent school would be a safe place for her.

We haven’t seen her for 12 years. There was a postcard once, from Reno, Nevada. And someone told us they saw her at a bar in Calgary. They said she looked very rough and worn-out by hard living. The head nun was convinced she was pregnant when she ran off from the convent school, so maybe we have a little grandchild out there somewhere. We’ll probably never know.

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