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9th June
written by amber

Jessie’s Mother at the Hairdresser

– Just a trim and some highlights today, please.

– I’m fine, thank you. How’ve you been lately?

– Yes, Jessie told me that you cut her hair. I wish you could talk her into some colour, even a rinse. Her red hair is her crowning glory, but she’s just like me – I started going grey when I was only 22.

– She’s 24.

– No, not even a boyfriend. Her group of girlfriends all have boyfriends and they would be more than willing to introduce her to eligible men.

– She did have a boyfriend when she was in high school. When she went off to college, they’d get together whenever she came home, go for a hike or out for a meal. Then he moved away, and she didn’t seem upset at all. I asked her about it and she said that they were just friends, that in fact he was gay. Well, I doubt that very much. I think I would have been able to tell.

– Yes, I suspect she had a relationship with someone while she was at college, but she’s always been very secretive about it. When she came back to town and took the job here, I know she turned down a much better job in the city. But I think she needed to lick her wounds. I just hope…well, in the city, I’m sure she would have met someone by now.

– Yes, I know I should be patient. But – get this – she has two cats. And she’s talking about getting another. I don’t even mention the s-word to her.

– Spinster.

– It’s an unmarried woman of a certain age. When I was a girl, if you weren’t married by age 25, chances were you’d never marry.

– I guess it is an old-fashioned attitude. And I’m modern enough to recognize that people do things differently these days. If there isn’t a wedding or grandchildren, I’d at least like to see her in a happy relationship before I…

– Not as many years as you might think, but that’s a subject I’d rather avoid. Tell me about your darling twin daughters. Didn’t they start kindergarten this year?

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