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5th June
written by amber

Responsible Adults

When I was nine, I made a new friend and her mother was a liar. I never knew an adult could lie. Flora’s mother claimed they were related to Buffalo Bill Cody. I wasn’t too impressed but I believed it – I had no idea who Buffalo Bill Cody was.

But the next day, when I told Flora’s mother I’d seen Walt Disney at the Calgary Stampede parade, she said she was second cousin to Walt Disney, and they could go to Disneyland for free, any time they wanted. And I started to have doubts.

I didn’t know what to do with my doubts. Kids got back at you if you tattled on them for lying – what would an adult do? I liked Flora, but felt pretty uncomfortable when I visited her house.

Every day there was a new lie. Mrs. Leigh had been a model when she was only seven; the next day it turned out she had actually been a child actress, and Flora had inherited her looks, so they were going to Hollywood the next summer to have a screen test for her. Flora’s father, who was never at home, was a spy for the Canadian government.

The more Flora saw that I was disillusioned with her mother, the harder she tried to impress me with lies even more outrageous than her mother’s tall tales. I was relieved when they suddenly moved away, even as I knew the explanation – that her father had been transferred to London, England – was most likely not true.

However, the damage was done. I knew I’d been fooled about the Easter bunny and Santa and possibly also about Jesus, but those were lies to make little kids feel better about the world. But now I wondered about the things my parents were telling me. Fluffy probably didn’t go to live at a farm. Granny and Grampa probably hadn’t moved to a house that was too small for us to visit. The man who visited Mom in the afternoons might not be a car salesman who was helping her to surprise Daddy with a new car, so don’t say anything, Emma.

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