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15th June
written by amber

The Old Man

My husband’s father is very cheap. Very stingy. He had a good business and my husband worked with him and he was promised that the business would go to him, not to his sister who was given a good dowry and married well. She has all the money she could want.

But my husband’s father said my husband did not work hard enough, and so he sold the business and lived well for several years off the money that should have come to my husband, at least half of it. My husband works hard at his job, but it is not easy for him to defer to lesser men, he was supposed to be a boss, not a worker.

The health of my husband’s father began to fail, and his plan was to move into a place where he would be taken care of; it was very fancy, very expensive. My husband took his calculator and discovered that in less than ten years, if his father lived that long, all of the money which was due to him would be wasted. He said we would take the old man into our home, except our home was too small. His sister had a large home, but she refused to take in her own father.

The old man helped us to buy a larger home, and so he moved in with us. And it has been very hard. He is a proud man but his body is failing. Only certain foods agree with him, and I cook them for him without complaint. But now every night he has an accident in his bed. He complains that his room is too far from our bedroom and so we don’t hear him call us to help him. I want him to wear those large diapers, but he refuses. And so I must do laundry every day.

He does not smell sweet, that old man, and our children are embarrassed  by him, they want him to stay in his room when they have their friends here. And it’s true, for our last dinner party we locked the old man in his room, but it was only because of the way he behaved at the previous party, drinking too much and telling people that we are cruel to him.

We are not cruel to him, and I would ask you, sir, to explain to the judge the facts of the case. Money was promised to my husband, we have expectations. If the old man wants us to hire a nurse, or make the modifications to our house, he must treat us with more respect. That’s all we want.

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