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6th June
written by amber

The Remnant

I am a remnant from the last century. I can no longer believe that what we have today is the pinnacle, the height mankind has struggled for long years to attain. I’ve seen it all before.

Oh, you young people think your internet is so terrific, well, when we got our first telephone at the farm, let me tell you, that was modern life, right in our living room. And we didn’t mind that it was a party line. Listening in on our neighbours was fun. You could say that was our Facebook.

Yes, I know what Facebook is. I might look like a dinosaur, but I’m not extinct yet.

You have to go clean the dining room now? I’ll just tag along, if you don’t mind.

Music, nothing ever is new. There’s only about five tunes and they get recycled over and over. They just sound new to you because you didn’t hear them forty years ago, the last time they were popular. And you think you invented recycling? Try living through the Great Depression. Your life depended on recycling then.

Bell bottoms – in, out, now in again. For god’s sake, the ugliest fashion ever invented. Leave it be. Long skirts, short skirts. What does it matter? The young guys just want to get under them, am I right? You must know some young guys, Amy. Trust me, there’s only one thing on their mind.

No, Mrs. Wray, I’m not a dirty old man. I’m trying to warn the girl about the dirty young men. Go back to your jigsaw puzzle and let me talk, here.

I heard you talking the other day to the other girls, Amy, when you were outside smoking your cigarette. You said you didn’t want to have any kids, the way the world is now, there’ll be nothing but war and hunger ahead for them. But we thought that too. And we did live through some wars and we had hunger, others had it worse, but we did have it. And you’re young enough to be my granddaughter, so what if your grandparents had thought that way? You wouldn’t be around now.

Life just goes around, cycles repeat, we think the same thoughts and we assume, in our pride and ignorance, that they’re new thoughts. But so what? Life is good. I still think it’s good and I’m 92 years old. Go ahead, have some babies. And they’ll discover everything you discovered, and they’ll think it’s new.

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Thanks to Bob Sinclair for suggesting the first line.