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1st June
written by amber

What the Cats Did

After two days of refusing to leave the house, the cats learned how to sneak out of the back yard.  The back yard was dangerous.  The thing which had arrived early one morning still sat there, invisible and ominous. They sensed its presence, they smelled it and heard its sweet high note of sly beckoning.

Slinking behind the delphiniums and tunneling under the side porch, they made their way to the front of the house and dispersed to far corners of the neighborhood, returning late at night, drawn by their need for their dinners and a vague worry for Mum.  Was she safe so near to the thing?

Two days later, Blackie disdained to use their furtive route and swaggered close to the thing, batting at its unseen edges with claws unfurled. Suddenly a monster appeared, pointing a slim finger at Blackie. The small cat was ripped apart by the air itself, left more mangled than any bird or mouse they’d ever caught. The monster grabbed what remained of poor Blackie, then they both disappeared.

The cats stayed inside for three more days, watching the back yard through the windows. They observed the monster point its finger at birds and at a dog who wandered in from the alley, retreating into the thing with the bodies when it was done.

The next day, the monster approached the house and made a scratching noise at the door. The woman in the white dress who helped Mum in the mornings had already left, so Mum made her difficult way to the door, although they tried to prevent her.

“Get out from under my feet, you little devils! You’re going to kill me yet.”  Her sharp tone became honeyed when she opened the door and saw the monster. “Oh, aren’t you the cutest little thing? Are you lost, honey?”

The monster stepped through the door, already raising its arm to point at Mum.

The cats circled around behind and leapt on the monster en masse. It disappeared quickly, but not before they’d wetted their claws with its foul-smelling ichor.

“Bad cats!  Where did she go?” Mum muttered, reaching for her walker. “I’ll just go sit down a moment, then I’ll call someone about that poor child. This terrible stink is making me feel quite unwell.”

Crying from the dilemma of the contamination on their paws which they did not dare lick clean, the cats jumped into the dish water or dipped feet in their water dishes, not noticing Mum make her slow way to bed or the thing rise from the back yard and waft away into the sky.

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