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23rd June
written by amber

Jessie in Danger

These days I dread going to the job I used to love. Thank god I see Steven only in the morning, when I arrive at work. After clocking in, he heads out to the various sports fields but prior to that he gets in his little attempt to pretend we have a special relationship. Today he wished me happy birthday. While everyone in the office made a fuss over me, I tried to figure out how he knew.

When he showed up at the restaurant where my girlfriends were treating me to a low-key dinner instead of the big party they would have preferred, the light bulb blinked on. It had to be Facebook. I rarely go there any more, but two of my friends are regulars and no doubt posted the event on my wall. Steven would have access to that because I’d friended everyone at work when I first started there.

Now I had a cyber-stalker, standing at our table, a brightly wrapped box in hand. A large box.

“Oh, how sweet!” Ashley gushed and invited him to join us.

My fault. I’d told them that I dated him once, omitting the detail that I only did it to get them off my back about rejecting Jonah. I hadn’t told them how the date turned out – his unexpected declaration and his attempt to kiss me, the misery he’d been putting me through ever since.

Steven is good-looking and very very charming. He charmed my friends while I smiled insincerely and seethed inside. Lorraine noticed. “Are you okay, Jessie?”

“My stomach’s upset,” I lied, promising myself to come clean with them soon, to tell them the truth about Steven, tell them why I won’t go out with Jonah.

They were sympathetic as I pushed my plate away. “You guys might as well finish eating. I don’t want to spoil your meal, but I think I’d better go home and lie down.”

Steven looked stricken. “Do you want me to go with you?” Man, the guy is dense.

“No, I’ll be fine on my own.”

He thrust his gift toward me but I waved it away, blurting, “Bring it to work tomorrow.”

“But today’s Friday,” he protested as I headed out the door. By the time I got to my car, I was shaking with anger and agitation. This was more than an annoyance. He was starting to scare me. Before I could get my key into the lock, he was there, grabbing my hand and wresting the keys from my fingers, pushing himself against me. I was trapped between the metal of my car and his muscled, determined body.

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