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16th June
posted by amber

I Think You Should Know

I think you should know that my buddy Jonah is a pretty remarkable guy. Matt and Luc and I, we’ve been friends with him since high school. Hell, I hung out with him in junior high. We were smart kids, but bad. Okay, I’m not that smart, but the other guys are. Even so, we could never stay out of trouble. You might say we’re all hyperactive, or something. But the trouble we got into, it was mostly harmless. Jonah for sure was our ringleader, and he’s got a good head on him. He doesn’t like to see anyone get hurt.

And now he’s the one getting hurt. You know, Angela, he called up your friend Jessie to ask her to go for a walk with him down by the river, and she turned him down cold. Geez, the guy’s not asking the chick to marry him. He’s just trying to get back into the dating game.

She’s an athletic girl, I get that. But he’s athletic too. He played football in high school, and before the accident he got into long distance bike riding, he rode from Banff to Jasper, turned around and rode back, he liked it so much. Yeah, so he was a little pudgy when they met, but he hadn’t been in the wheelchair that long, he was still getting adjusted. Now he goes to the climbing wall regularly, plus he’s got this off-road set of wheels, he’s out on the trails all the time.

Do you have any idea why she won’t give him a chance?

That’s your theory? Well, his accident was to do with drunk driving, but Jonah wasn’t the drunk driver. He might have been a drunk walker, but he didn’t do nothing, I mean anything, wrong. We always walked home from the bar. This town is small enough, it never takes any of us long, and we had a friend in high school who was killed on grad night, drunk driving, no question, and it sobered us up, no pun intended.

And after the time we all stormed into the wrong row house, we would even have a designated walker – someone to keep us on the sidewalk and not shouting too loud. I was the designated walker that night. I made the guys cross at the crosswalk. We looked both ways, we listened, but then out of the blue this Camaro comes hauling ass around the corner and Jonah didn’t have a chance.

55-year-old guy who’s done this twice before. Shit-ass system we have, hey, letting creeps like that keep driving? It was horrible. Luc is screaming into his cell phone for 9-11, Matt’s having an asthma attack, I’m trying to remember the first aid training I got when I started working at the pool, telling Jonah to stay still, asking over and over again for someone to get me something to press against him, stop all that blood.

Well, let’s not talk about that any more. You just tell your friend that we’d all really like her to come out to a party we’re holding for Jonah, it’s his birthday next week, it’s not like a date, just a party. And if she doesn’t want to come, at least can she tell us why not?

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