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28th September
written by amber

Space Cadet

Grandma fell ill in Mexico so I drove down to fetch her home to Alberta. She hadn’t taken the kind of medical insurance what’ll pay to fly you home if you get sick.

She’d bought a lot of junk down there, sombreros and pottery and cheap appliances, so I got this thing you put on top of your car to put stuff in, it was called a space cadet. We put most of her junk in there except for the little dog she’d bought for the kids. She called it Speedy, for Speedy Gonzales. It was ugly as sin, but well-behaved.

I was worried about Speedy when we crossed the border into the States ‘cuz there were no papers on him or anything. But we hid him and he was nice and quiet and we got across the border, no problem. But then Grandma died in Utah and I had a big problem. She’d begged me to bring her body home so she could be buried next to Grampa, but she hadn’t taken the kind of medical insurance what’ll pay to fly your body home if you die.

So I put her into a duffel bag up in that space cadet thing, and I put fresh ice around her every day and we got to the border into Alberta and I was worried sick. Speedy was hidden and quiet, and Grandma had no odor on her, but those guys on the border can be assholes, if you know what I mean.

Sure enough, they pulled me out of the line and began to go through everything in my car. When they got to the space cadet, I knew they wouldn’t like what they found.

They made me wait inside the building, and after a while, a guy with a uniform and a gun came to me and said, “Mister, we’ve got a problem. I guess you know what we found in your space cadet.”

I hung my head and said nothing, just trying to figure out what kind of jail sentence you get for something like that. He went on to say, “That animal you had hidden in the microwave oven is not allowed in Alberta. It’s a rat.”

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