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20th September
written by amber

The third novel of my trilogy is out this month from Edge Press. The launch will be held at the Round Street Cafe in Lethbridge on September 27, at 6:30 p.m. 427 5th St. S. The event will also feature glass artist Shauna Hayward, fibre artist Jory Kohn, musician John Greenshields and photographer Devynn Bohn.

I’ll be reading at Pages on Kensington in Calgary, Oct. 20, 7:30 p.m.

Keep watching this blog for news of readings in Calgary, Edmonton, Hinton, Canmore and Pincher Creek.

20th September
written by amber

Fairy Tale

Once upon a time a lovely young princess wandered away from the castle, through the woods in springtime, and before long, she became lost.

She wandered for hours, she wandered for days, but she became more and more lost. And she despaired of ever finding her way home.

At last, she came to a humble log cabin deep in the forest. Smoke came from the chimney and she heard the sound of wood being chopped. Behind the house, she found a young man with an axe, splitting fire wood for his hearth.

By that time, her clothing was ragged, her face and hands were scratched by thorns, she was dirty and hungry. But when the young man saw her, he fell to his knees saying, “What has happened to you, my princess?”

She was overcome with relief and she fainted. When she woke, she was tucked into a snug bed beneath warm blankets made of fur, next to a roaring fire. The young man was stirring a pot of gruel over the fire.

“How did you know I am a princess?” she asked him.

“I saw you in the village, at the May parade. I never forgot your beauty.”

She ran her fingers through her tangled hair, she felt the dirt and rough skin of her cheeks and hands. “I am no longer beautiful,” she said.

He said, “You eat now, and then I’ll heat water so that you can wash. Tomorrow I’ll take you out of the forest and back to your castle. Nothing that has happened to you could ever mar your beauty.”

The princess ate the gruel and it tasted better than the finest meal she’d ever eaten. The young man waited outside the cabin while she washed herself with a rag and no soap, using only a small pot of water, but it was better than any bubble bath she’d ever enjoyed.

And the next morning, before the young man could guide her out of the forest, her father arrived and smote him as a kidnapper, and carried the princess home on a snow white horse.

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