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17th September
written by amber

Free Kittens

In a park in New Orleans, he’s established a base, surrounded by his boxes. The most important box is the money box, open at the top, wide enough that donors can see that they aren’t the first to donate. Sympathetic magic. Coin brings coin, bills bring bills.

A friend helped him with the lettering. ‘Please, God bless you, money for the kittens.’

The kitten box is the second most important, but this batch of kittens is getting too big to stay inside. They tumble out, wrestle on the sparse grass, they gobble up the kibble in the pared-down yogurt container, they nurse at their mother. People try to pick them up but they’re too wild. Smaller kittens are easier. He has three of this batch already spoken for, the rest he’ll return to the downtown shelter and get a new litter, smaller cuter kittens.

Marie at the shelter trusts him with the kittens, and he finds homes for more than she ever would. Oh, she knows he takes a good share of the donations as commission.  But he gives all the extra food to the shelter, and besides, he deserves some consideration because he has to stay outside, sleep rough, because at the shelter for people, you aren’t allowed to have pets.

In the alley where he sleeps, the cat and kittens keep him warm. The funny thing is that before the car accident, the oxycontin, the other drugs, before everything so-called normal about his life was lost, he considered himself to be a man who loved dogs and hated cats.

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Tomorrow is the last day of Cat Week.