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6th September
written by amber

Foxtrot Charlie

I just love to foxtrot. And it’s funny, because I was the one opposed to the dance lessons. Oh, my wife, she liked the tango, the Charleston, she loved the waltz. She never could understand my fascination with the foxtrot. In fact, she used to say it was because I was an accountant, and I liked the neat little steps, the precision of it, everything in its place. Boring, just like me.

The dance lessons didn’t save our marriage.

And she was wrong about the foxtrot. Oh, I do like the precision, but most of all I like the speed.

I did the foxtrot with my daughter at her wedding. She’s a fabulous dancer. She whispered in my ear, “Waltz with Mom. You know she doesn’t like to foxtrot.” The dear girl was trying to save our marriage; she didn’t know it was lost already.

Now my wife has a man who will happily waltz with her but I have a hard time finding a foxtrot partner. At least I did – until I discovered cruises. My brother hoots when I bring up cruises. He knows what my opinion of them used to be – tubs full of old farts stuffing themselves at the buffets and lying around oblivious to the beauty they are sailing right by. And there is that element.

But there’s also – dance classes, dance competitions, fancy dress balls, captain’s parties. No end of opportunity for me to foxtrot. Lots of partners, no strings attached.

Let the music begin.

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