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25th September
written by amber

Ship Cat VI

Ever since Colleen had her kittens, she’s done nothing but cry, although Cutie isn’t sure the crying has much to do with the kittens. The woman barely seems aware of her litter of pink ghostlike babies who flit around the ship with Cutie’s kittens who are smaller, but otherwise identical. As she cries, Colleen carries on a conversation with her ship-mate, Brad.

But Brad isn’t on the ship any longer. The day Colleen gave birth, he’d grabbed her by the arm in a threatening manner. The kittens had descended on him, then he wasn’t there any more. Cutie doesn’t miss him. He used to kick her when he got annoyed, and he rarely had anything nice to say to Colleen but, still, it seems that Colleen misses him.

“Brad, come back. Who will I talk to if you’re not here?” she mutters through her tears.

Cutie paces back and forth in the corridor. An alarm has been beeping in the command room for several hours but Colleen stays in her cubicle and ignores it. If something goes wrong with the ship, what will happen to Cutie and the happy flock of floating babies that she and Colleen have produced?

“Meow,” Cutie says, meaning – you have to help her.

The kittens whirl around each other and suddenly are no longer there. Instead, Brad stands in the doorway. “Wow, that was weird,” he says.

Colleen’s face swivels up from her pillow to stare at Brad. “Where did you go?”

“I don’t know. I was in the kitchen and now I’m here. And I feel…good.”

“You were drunk,” she tells him.

“I guess I was. I guess I’ve been acting like a jerk.” He reaches down and pets Cutie, who is still looking around for the kittens. “Things will be different around here from now on, I promise.”

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