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21st September
written by amber

In the Woods

Something was coming, shaking the distant trees and roaring like a freight train. She knew it was probably the wind, but being alone in this cabin was making her paranoid. It sounded like her doom on its way toward her.

She didn’t understand why Greg hadn’t returned. She’d been half awake when he left this morning, but she was sure he’d said, “I’m going to get some parts for the generator. I’ll be back before dinner.”

The dinner had been waiting in the wood stove for several hours, while she tried to put only enough wood in to keep it warm, not burned, which was allowing the cabin to cool down too much. She’d gone through so many stages today – wistful when she woke up alone, relishing her freedom to laze around and watch birds and deer from the window, mildly annoyed later that he hadn’t given any indication of what he wanted for dinner or even asked if she needed anything from town, slightly more annoyed when she finally decided to eat dinner by herself, very annoyed by 7 p.m., fuming about spending so much time alone on this ‘for the two of us’ holiday. And now she was frightened.

Frightened for him. Frightened for herself. She’d been asleep when they drove here, exhausted from her job. If he didn’t return and she had to get back to civilization on her own, she didn’t even know which way to go, or how far it was.

She stood in the open doorway, allowing the harsh wind to blow her hair back from her face. The cabin was surrounded by nothing but darkness. And within that darkness, something large crashed to the earth.

She closed and barred the door.

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