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7th February
posted by amber

Murder For Fun

Raitt is going to kill me this week. He didn’t have to tell me this, but it makes it more fun for him if I try to stop him, plus knowing ahead of time gives me a chance to update my scans so he won’t have to pay as big a fine.

So I head down to the library to get scanned, knowing that he might be lurking outside the building with a gun or a knife. If he is, I hope he waits until I’m leaving the library. I’ve heard too many stories lately about faulty home scanners that drop too much data. I scan twice a day at home, but it’s essential to do routine back-ups at the library. Especially when you know you’re going to be killed.

I kind of wish Raitt had waited until next week to kill me. This is a busy week – I’ve got to arrange my vacation, close out the business I’ve worked at for the last century so I’ll have money to invest in a new one, and just in case I wasn’t busy enough already, my new wife has decided now is the time to totally redecorate our primary house. Not next week, not next month, now. And she insists on my input.

So I won’t have a lot of free time to avoid being killed. If I was into killing the way Raitt is, I’d wait until he was having a busy week and then kill him. But I just don’t enjoy it.

Sure, being killed is going to cost me some time, but only a couple hours and when I’m renewed, I’ll have a lot more energy than I have now, so that’ll be a bonus. I wasn’t due for renewal yet, but Raitt will be the one who pays the early renewal fine. All in all, he’s doing me a favour by killing me.

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How did I come up with the idea for this story? I was reading a crime novel with a description of organized and disorganized killers, so naturally I wondered what kind I would be. And then I began to muse about the idea of a society where ‘ordinary’ people could commit murder, where it might even be encouraged and considered to be fun.

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  1. Perry

    Very Weird, but I can sort of see this happening if it was possible.

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