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26th February
written by amber

Sports Car

Last night I dreamed I was driving a sports car. It was red, convertible and it had that new car smell. It seemed so real. I even knew how much it had cost and how many years I’d had to save to afford it.

When I woke, I felt bereft. I knew what was parked in the garage – the same old Ford sedan I’ve been driving for the past 12 years. Faded green with too much rust. The upholstery ripped from the time I took Rusty to the vet after he tangled with the Doberman from up the street. The windshield pitted but not quite badly enough to justify replacing it.

In my dream, I felt fantastic, my back didn’t hurt, my legs didn’t ache. A woman was in the passenger seat – she reminded me of my ex-wife when I first met her. The empty pillow next to me this morning mocked me as it hasn’t done for years.

Sandy and I never drove anywhere together in a sports car, but we always wanted to. On our honeymoon in Vegas, I tried to rent one, but it cost too much so we settled for an SUV. We drove out into the desert and explored some sketchy back roads, but I would rather have been cruising with the top down on some winding mountain road, like in the car ads.

There was champagne in the dream. I remembered it when I was drinking my breakfast protein shake. Champagne in a silver ice bucket between the seats, fluted crystal glasses on the dash. Young Sandy had been asking me if she should pop the cork – just before I woke up.

God, I wish I could go back to sleep and finish that dream.

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