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25th February
written by amber

Childhood Friends

Having spent a lot of time together growing up in Canada, when Danielle and Flora ran into each other in San Miguel de Allende, they had a great deal to talk about. After the initial scripted exchange, “What have you been doing all these years?” and “What brought you to Mexico?” they immediately fell back into the exclusive companionship they’d enjoyed during their school days, two outsiders on the edge of small town hierarchies who had each other’s backs and shared a disdain for every goal and achievement of their classmates.

“Did you hear what happened to that stuck-up Missie Templeton? She married three times, each husband wealthier than the one before, then she ended up afraid to come out of her house. She’d turned into one of those hoarders.”


“Whatever became of Mr. Dole, that funny guy who taught us math? I heard he left town after we graduated. Were we too hard on him or something?”

“He was in university at the same time that I was. He’d chucked teaching and was taking set design for theatre. Can you imagine it – he didn’t have a creative bone in his body!”

Standing in the blazing sun, they dissected and ridiculed school mates and community members from their shared past, until they got too hot to continue. It wasn’t until they’d made a date for lunch the next day and turned toward their respective homes that they discovered they’d bought houses on the same street.

“I can’t believe I’ve been here for six months and I haven’t once seen you!”

“I’ve only had the place for three years, but most of the time it’s rented out. My husband and I plan to retire here in a couple years and then I can enjoy it year-round.”

“Are you sure you’ll like it?”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll like it more when my Spanish gets better. I feel kind of weird around my cook and gardeners, and in the shops and restaurants too. The people here are muttering away all the time and it really seems as if they’re talking about me. I hate that!”

“Oh, I do too! But the Mexican people are so polite and kind, I’m sure you’re just imagining it. They’re not rude like that.”

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