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30th December
posted by amber

The Game of Cat

Jo found the book. We usually burned books to keep warm, but he said he remembered it from when he was little. Jo remembers his mom. The rest of us don’t even know what a mom is.

And we didn’t know what a cat was. Jo showed us the picture in the book. He said his mom told him cats are soft and they love you and they rub against you if you feed them. He said his mom told him it felt good, better than having someone tickle your back.

Angel who is nearly as old as Jo, old enough to have two kids of her own, said she remembered seeing a cat once. She said some dogs were killing it.

I said we should get a cat. It would feel good to have something soft to rub against me, because I usually can’t get anyone to tickle my back. Usually I have to sleep on the outer edge of the group where I get cold, because no one likes me very much.

Jo showed us the picture in the book. The cat was small and fuzzy and had a smile on its face. I said I really wanted to get a cat.

Vic said, “Punk, don’t be so stupid. There are no cats left. The dogs killed them all.”

I said I could be a cat for everyone else, I’d love them and rub against them. I said I could play being a cat.

So I did, and they gave me bits of leftover food, and I didn’t say anything because Jo said cats can’t talk.

But then they told me I couldn’t play at being a cat anymore, because the Mall kids were coming into our territory and we had to fight them. And cats don’t fight with people.

So we did fight them, and we won. And when they ran away, we found a little girl from their group hiding behind some garbage. She was so little, she didn’t talk.

So I asked if I could keep her, and let her pretend to be my cat. And that’s how I got Fluffy.

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