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20th December
written by amber

Jessie Calls For Help

I am murmuring into Jonah’s ear, “It’ll be all right now, you’re safe,” when I realize that I might be lying. Sure, he isn’t alone at the bottom of this mine shaft any longer but I’m not sure any of the plans Jonah’s friends made when they sent me down here are going to pan out.

The first thing is the walkie-talkie, but no one had high hopes for it because of how far underground I might find Jonah. And it feels pretty far. And yes, when I try it, I get nothing but static. And no signal on my cell phone either.

Matt and Luc were going to scout around for another entrance to the mine while Andy minded my ropes. I swing my flashlight upwards and see an opening, round and dark, blocked with something.

Jonah notices my focus. “It’s nailed down or something.” His voice is weak, his breathing laboured.

“You rest,” I urge. “Andy and Luc will pry it open for us.” But I’m afraid they haven’t found it yet, otherwise I should be hearing them up there. It must be well-camouflaged. I took a long time to crawl here through from the shaft we discovered.

And the last part, after I realized Jonah was below me and hastily descended maybe 20 feet, trusting to Andy to play out my rope slowly enough to keep me safe without any way for me to let him know what my situation was – that part was a nightmare. And I don’t think I can climb back up. The rock was loose. I’m lucky that none of the rubble I disturbed hit Jonah.

Even if I could leave Jonah, I really don’t want to. He seems so fragile. I just want to stay with him, keep him from sliding further downhill. His friends will have to figure out how to get us out of here.

Some time later, it seems that they have. I can hear someone struggling through the same side passage that I used. I hear him curse as he gets caught by the final pinch, and I call out to warn him that the passage ends with a precipitous drop into this shaft. But I’m too late. He pops through with a “Bloody hell!” and an avalanche of stones rains down on us.

A large rock hits Jonah right on the head.

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