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7th December
written by amber

Wednesday Wedding

Wednesday dawned a beautiful day, the skies were clear and the world seemed calm and beautiful, perfect for her wedding. Mallory stretched and rose from the bed, shedding her lace nightgown as she walked to the bathroom. Everything was perfect – she saw no reason to wait, so she opened the closet and took out her dress. She’d get married before breakfast.

Out on the lawn, the chairs were all set up and the wedding guests sat, immobile. Still as statues, beneath the flowered arch, the minister, groom, bridesmaid and best man waited. The ring bearer lay curled up asleep in the middle of the centre aisle. Poo! She must have forgotten to turn him off yesterday.

A message icon flitted around her as she applied her make-up, but she swatted it away with one stiletto before cramming her foot into the fabulous shoe. Teetering on both high heels, she stepped from her room into the garden.

“Where’s my bouquet?” she demanded, after finding the wicker bouquet basket empty.

“That’s what I was trying to tell you,” came the voice of her house. “You’ve been having too many weddings lately. The garden can’t keep up. And you forgot to turn off the ring bearer and now his batteries are empty.”

Mallory had a little tantrum, the tarantella her stamping feet danced took her right off the walkway and onto the grass, where one of her tall thin heels stuck and broke as she tried to yank it out.

“Poo!” she cried again. “That’s the last of the Italian shoes.”

“Don’t worry. Your father has already ordered more. Now you’d better get ready for school. The shuttle will be here in an hour.”

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Thank you to Marlene Schmidek for providing this first line.