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20th May
posted by amber

Probability of Revenge

She thought it was nothing, my twin sister thought it was nothing when she stole my first boyfriend in Grade 6.

And my mother thought it was nothing too.

“Oh, for heaven’s sake, Audrey. You’re too young to have a real boyfriend, and I’m sure it was just a crush anyhow. You know how shy Steffy is. It’s easier for her to invite a boy she knows to the sock hop.”

Good demure Stephanie – at home. At school it was a whole other story. She didn’t invite Barry to the sock hop because she happened to know him from the times he walked me home from school and hung around talking to me, to us. She knew him at school, and she hadn’t given him a second look until he started being friendly to me.

“He was only hanging around with you to get my attention,” she hissed at me across the gap between our beds.

“And you only asked him to the dance to be mean to me,” I tried to hiss back, but couldn’t because I was blubbing too much.

It’s not fair for twins to be so different. I know, identical twins have their own problems, but it’s not easy being a short stumpy girl with bad skin and big ears having to watch people when they hear you’re twins and seeing them compare you to Stephanie, so tall, willowy, gorgeous. It’s not easy hearing them say, “I can’t believe you’re twins. You look nothing alike.”

After that, I took a different path, adopting a style she’d never stoop to, dating grotty boys with safety pins in their noses and ears, boys she’d never want to steal from me. And I never forgave her for stealing Barry.

And now it’s her wedding day. I’m still short but my skin is better and I wasn’t such a punk as to refuse when Dad offered to foot the bill to get my ears pinned back, I’m comfortable with my style and myself. Stephanie, on the other hand, is still gorgeous but that’s about all she is.

In Craig, she landed herself a real catch. He’s good-looking, on the path of a great career, and he’s smart. She’s smart too, but being pretty seems to have conditioned her to repress it.

I met him at their engagement party and we got into some deep discussions of current events, movies, art, the meaning of life. That sort of stuff. She seemed a bit miffed at me, but we weren’t shutting everyone else out. We were the heart of the party, but others could join in. Some of them did, I’m sure.

Mom noticed, of course. She called me the next day to warn me off.

“I have a boyfriend, Mom. I was just being sociable with Craig. Don’t you want me to like my sister’s future husband?”

“Just stay away from him, Audrey. You know how sensitive Steffy is. I don’t want her getting her heart broken. She’s not tough like you.”

Me, tough? Carapaced maybe, but hardly tough.

Stephanie had to ask me to be her Maid of Honour. Anything else would be unimaginable. And then she decided to have the Stag and Stagette at the same time. I suspect she wanted to keep her eye on Craig, but it threw the two of us together again, but neither of us were into the silly games and drunken flirting. We weren’t flirting, but I could tell. I could get him if I wanted to.

Seduce your twin sister’s husband on their wedding day to get back for a boyfriend stolen in Grade 6. That’s a pretty shitty thing to do.

I probably won’t do it.


This story was inspired by StoryADay’s suggestion to write about revenge and also by a wedding here at the Ranch today (no twins, no revenge).

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