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7th May
written by amber

Black Magic

“Black magic, woman,” he said. “That’s how I’ll get what I want. Just you watch. It’ll be black magic.”

The first thing he did was a little voodoo on his uncle Cleo. Cleo had a bad heart, a very bad heart, and it only took a little nudge, a little bourbon and a blonde. Cleo left him $200,000 dollars in his will.

The second thing he did, after spending money on a posh apartment, a hot sports car and some fine clothes, was a little voodoo on his uncle Martin. Martin was too easily impressed with the dazzle of his nephew’s new-found wealth and was happy to let him invest in his business, a small combination restaurant and bar. Soon it was the most happening place in town.

Now he was ready for the woman. She’d turned him down three times, but he’d promised that his black magic would change that. She’d said, “Sam, you’ve got no money, you’ve got no job. A woman would be crazy to get involved with you.”

But he wasn’t stupid. Sam never had been stupid. The money, the flash, the fame, none of that would make Marianne love him. Real black magic was called for now. She had a boyfriend, but Sam dug into the guy’s activities, found the young girls he dated when he was on the road. Photographs were taken, photographs were delivered to her in plain brown envelopes.

He heard that she was heart-broken, but he kept his distance. He watched her through binoculars, walking her dog in the park, crying as she jogged. He arranged the death of the dog.

Yet, still he kept his distance. Mutual friends told him that she was throwing herself into her work, her physiotherapy, her wonderful hands touching and healing undeserving clods. Sam started a rumor which could never be traced back to him – Marianne had once suffered from leprosy. Because it was a lie, it was impossible for her to disprove it to everyone’s satisfaction.

The clinic let her go.

She was crushed, as low as she could be.

She came into his bar. She cried into the expensive red wine he poured for her. He introduced her to the woman who’d agreed to pose as his fiancé. When he stepped away to greet some important, famous customers, the fiancé confided to Marianne that she’d met someone else, that she was planning to dump Sam.

The trap was set and sprung. Marianne felt sorry for Sam. She felt a bond of tragedy with him. She asked him to drive her home to her apartment.

He escorted her to the parking lot and opened the door of his hot car for her. There was a loud sound and she fell into his arms, bleeding from her forehead. A former patient convinced that she’d infected him with leprosy had killed her.

Sam never dabbled in black magic again.