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24th April
posted by amber

Grow Op

Okay, first thing, you gotta realize this is illegal. We can give you the seeds, we can help you bootleg the power, we can even help you distribute your crop if you grow more than you need for your own usage, but if you get caught, you can’t reveal your source.

Sure, you might promise now, but you have no idea of the pressure they’ll bring to bear. Jail sentence for sure, that’s just the start of it. You heard the rumours about the deportations? That’s absolutely true. And it’s not just the person convicted, it’s their family – wife, kids, parents, everyone. And you’ll be sent away with nothing. Whatever you own will be confiscated, property, possessions, bank accounts, any pension due to you.

But they’ll offer you the moon. No fine, no conviction, no deportation. Instead, a lifetime supply for free, and not the crap you’re used to but the good stuff. And all you have to do is rat us out.

So we’ve had to take measures to protect ourselves. Buying our product is bad, growing it is worse, but distributing comes with the highest penalties. You, my friend, are about to become a distributor. Yes, before we’ll let you plant one seed, you have to bring in five more people willing to become underground gardeners.

Also, you’ll never see me again. I’m not who you think I am – the name I gave is not my name and I’m not from around here. My appearance has been altered and my voice modulated electronically just in case you’ve been recording our conversation. You’ll be approached by someone else next time, and they’ll be similarly disguised. They’ll show you how to do it yourself, how to keep your identity hidden while you approach new recruits.

No, you don’t need to recruit among the people you know, that’s too dangerous. We’ll tell you how to identify strangers who are desperate for our crops. And we’ll tell you how to keep Sanmount Chemicals from finding out that you’re growing your own vegetables.

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