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29th April
written by amber

Little People

“You won’t remember a thing that I’m telling you now,” the monkey said to the researcher, “but once in a while we like to tell the truth to one of you. We’re about to derail your research, and you deserve an explanation, even if you won’t know what it is.”

“You can talk,” the young woman said, for the tenth time.

“Yes, yes, we can talk. We’ve already dealt with that, my dear. Your analysis of our vocalizations, as you call them, is what has brought you too close to the truth. Next week, at the symposium, you’ll present data that the great variety of sounds we use are random.”

“But they aren’t, they-”

“Yes, yes, they actually represent a language far more complex than any of your human languages. But so skilfully coded that you are the first to recognize it. Can we get past that? I have many more things to tell you about. Isn’t there anything you want to ask me?”


“Yes, yes, that’s the crux, isn’t it? Seven million years ago, we had cities. We watched both you and the gentle giants you call Neanderthals evolve. You can probably bet which branch we were betting on, but instead you humans came to dominate, with your violence and greed, with your intolerance for anyone different from yourselves.”

The young scientist looked sceptical. “No trace has ever been found of your cities.”

“150 thousand years ago, we decided to move beyond technology, and we destroyed all physical traces of our civilisation.”

“How do you move beyond technology?”

“With the power of the mind, of course. We have every comfort, because we’re never too cold or too hot – we can manipulate our immediate environment and our own bodies. The food we eat – the fruits and seeds and leaves – taste as delicious as we wish them to taste. Although we enjoy talking, we can communicate telepathically, we retain information about our past through our prodigious and shared memories. And as you humans have relentlessly trespassed upon our habitat, many of us have chosen to live entirely non-corporeally.”

“Are you the king?”

“No, no. Our society has never had hierarchy, or prejudice. Our scientists study your society with a grim fascination. You appal us. Throughout the centuries, we’ve tried to co-exist with you. What do you think fairies and elves were, if not us?”

“They weren’t monkeys.”

“We’ve chosen to look like monkeys recently. Among the ancient Egyptians, we appeared as cats, and received the greatest amount of respect we’ve ever received from humans. I have some wonderful stories from that time, and other times, but alas, your colleague will be coming through the door in a minute, so the forgetting must begin.”

The monkey reached out and touched the researcher’s forehead.

Not long afterwards, the door opened and a young man strode into the room. “Natalie – why do you have Bozo out of his cage?”

“Oh, I was just saying goodbye to the old fellow. I’ve decided to release him.”

“Why? I thought he was your best specimen.”

“Yes – such a good specimen that’s he’s exploded my theory. When I added his vocalizations to my models, it became obvious that the variety of sounds is completely random.”

“That’s too bad, Natalie.”

“No worries. I think primatology isn’t my true calling. For some reason, I find myself interested in the mythology of ancient cultures.”

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Little People looks forward to my writing plans for the next year – longer stories. Certainly, there is much in this tale that can lead to some interesting stories. If I want to submit such works for publication in print or on-line periodicals, I can’t publish them on this blog, but I’ll share the start of the stories with you and keep you apprised of their submission and acceptance or rejection.

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