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16th July
posted by amber

Summer is a difficult time for me, as we are so very very busy with the guest ranch and there’s little time for writing and writing related activities. I can’t imagine how I found the time for writing a story every day last year. Of course, the key is that I had committed to do it, was doing it in a very public forum, so I had to do it.

I assumed that the time freed up from writing a daily story could be used for my neglected tasks of getting my stories sent in, through mail or email, to potential short story markets. Instead, the time seems to have just…disappeared.

I found a moment to check my records today. I see that two stories were rejected in June, but I haven’t sent them off to new markets. One is a story of which I posted the first few lines on here, “The Hermit Comes to Town,” – I think it was in May or June 2012. Daily SF returned it to me in June. The other is a longer story, “Being Robyn,” rejected by Fantasy and Science Fiction. Below are a few lines from it.

I’ll let you know when I get them off into the great unknown again.

Being Robyn

The face of Mars had faded from Robyn’s imagination to be replaced by another face–peach-toned, chubby-cheeked, dimpled and drooling, long eyelashes shuttering in sleep his absorbing blue eyes.  Her child, Aron, napping now after nursing.  He’d seized her nipples avidly, relieving the aching heaviness, gazing up at her in adoration, a look she’d returned.  Only three months old, he already had a talent for smiling, his cupid’s bow mouth leaking milk as he grinned.
How had this happened to her?  She’d been a year into training for the Mars mission when she discovered she was pregnant and she hadn’t been happy about it.  She and David had had a tremendous fight, blame flung one against the other over the failing of their doubled protection, although she still suspected him of forgetting his pill.  She’d never have forgotten hers.  Mars was too important to her.
It still was, yet she found herself satisfied to have been promised a berth on the next mission, two years away.

If you’d like to be a proof-reader for the entire story, let me know and I’ll send it to you as an attachment.

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