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3rd May
posted by amber

Springtime in the Rockies, sunshine and snow.  I find that the longer days make my energy level rise.  I’ve spent quite a bit of time planting seeds for the container garden of flowers that I prepare every year for the Ranch patio.  Because we have an acrobatic new kitten in our house, I started the seeds in an unoccupied cabin, but today found that mice have been digging up the seeds.  The little pests!  We’ll see how many seeds sprout, but I suspect the local greenhouse will benefit from this disaster.

Prairiefire magazine in Winnipeg has just published a short story of mine, “Shelterbelt.”  I’ll be posting a couple of paragraphs from the story, and a link to Prairiefire.  I’ve also recently had an article, “Negotiating the Muse,” in WestWord, the magazine of the Writers Guild of Alberta.  The article is about the process of completing “Stolen Children,” the third novel of my trilogy.

Because I’m still waiting to undergo the editing process for “Stolen Children,” I’ve been reluctant to start a substantial writing project, but I’ve devoted time over the winter to submitting short stories.  Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine sent one back with a request to see more (this is the best kind of rejection), so I’ve written a new story for them to consider.

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